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How to Pack All of Your Clothes in Your Carry-On Luggage

The joys of modern travel include faster planes, Internet in the air, and fees for absolutely everything. The biggest bane of modern travel for many people are the baggage fees currently charged by airlines, which can costs each person $50-$100 for a round-trip flight. In today’s economy, there aren’t many people who have that kind of pocket cash laying around and, even if you have it, wouldn’t you rather spend it on your vacation instead of giving it to the person behind the ticket counter?

The key to avoiding baggage fees is avoiding baggage…or at least cutting down on the bags you’re taking. If you’re going to be gone for months at a time or if you’re transporting something large (such as a wedding gown or holiday presents for all of your relatives), you might be stuck checking a large bag and paying the extra fee. However, most travelers should be able to get away with fitting everything they’ll need for their trip into the one carry-on bag that they’re allowed to take on to the plane for free. This eliminates the checked baggage cost, as well as the wait for your luggage at the baggage carousel and the chance that your bag will get drop-kicked by an underpaid airport employee who doesn’t care if your suitcase reaches its final destination or not. Continue reading

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